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The FDA may have extended the expiration date of your at-home COVID-19 test. Find out if your test has a new expiration date. 
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Check the box for the “Expiration” or “Use By” date. Some boxes use a drawing of an hourglass for the expiration date.
If the date is in the future, the test hasn’t expired and is fine to use.
If the date has already passed, continue these steps to see if the expiration date has been extended by the FDA.
The lot number is printed near the expiration date, and may be a combination of letters and numbers. You’ll need it for the next step.
Look up your lot number by clicking your brand of test below. You’ll be taken directly to the FDA’s information on that brand.
Some tips:
QuickVue At-Home OTC COVID-19 Test (Quidel Corporation)
Find your expiration date and lot number
InteliSwab COVID-19 Rapid Test (OraSure Technologies, Inc.)
Find your expiration date and lot number
iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test
Find your lot number
Osang OHC
OHC COVID-19 Antigen Self Test (Osang LLC)
Find your expiration date and lot number
On/Go One
On/Go One Antigen Self-Test
(This test is manufactured by ACON Laboratories under the name “Flowflex.”)
Find your expiration date and lot number
Note: The lot numbers shown in this document are ranges — it can be very easy to miss yours! Check carefully.
Can’t find your test?  This is not a complete list, and many other brands of tests have had their expiration dates extended. Check the FDA’s complete list.

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